You Don’t Have to be an Artist to be Creative

Art is everywhere & is for everybody. A grown-up can allow themselves to play with paint, fabric, paper, & broken things that become whole again. We can express ourselves personally & artistically. It’s getting lost in what happens next. Our house is a personal artistic expression of our lives.   It’s our choice what our living space looks like – there’s no one to say what’s right or wrong but us… if you like it, do it!  Do you like cats? Then adopt 5 cats – do you want lime green walls? Paint them!

It’s up to you, there are no parent rules, do what pleases you, what makes you happy. We live in a mosaic wrapped house in Dunedin, Florida, our mailbox is a sculpture of colored, patterned shapes, we built an 8′ x 8′ mosaic arch on our front lawn, we live the way we do & have created our environment in a way that makes us happy. We hope it will make you happy too & inspire you to take a chance!

Carol Sackman & Blake White

In this life you just never know what the future will bring.