Welcome to our Home, here’s a little information about us

Carol Sackman, M.F.A.

My multi-media artwork incorporates materials and important experiences from my very colorful life in our mosaic covered cottage.

I have always been fascinated with color and have studied art since I was a child. My grandfather and uncles were accomplished painters, but my mother was the most creative of all! I once asked her if certain colors went together. She said that all colors work together, to just look at the flowers that grow next to each other. A bit home-grown wisdom!

I have always been involved with art. There is nothing I’d rather do. I’ve experimented with fiber art, painting, basketry, button jewelry, painted and recycled furniture, and of course, mosaics. And I love working with the unusual embellishments I find.

The words in my work are meaningful messages that I’ve heard or read. People often ask me about them and relate some special meaning of their own. Interpret my work the way it pleases you! There is no one way, other than the message of optimism and excitement of what comes next.

Our current work includes mixed-media mosaics that are a collaborative effort of my husband Blake and me and are also a large part of our current artwork. We make many of the mosaic’s ceramic pieces in our kilns. Some of our artwork is executed on vintage and recycled furniture, canvas and any other surface we can find. My work is often described as whimsical and is embellished with discarded ornaments, found objects, original stamps and paints of different colors and textures. All our pieces are unique and can be custom ordered.

I graduated with a BFA and MFA from the Maryland Institute of Art, College of Art. I also studied at:

  • Greenwich House, NYC
  • Art Students League, NYC
  • Pacific Basin Textile Arts, Berkeley, CA
  • Columbia Center for the Visual Arts, Columbia, MD

I have exhibited work throughout Maryland, Washington D.C., and participated in outdoor art shows in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida, Tennessee and Georgia.

Blake White

I invite you TO SHARE MY love for MOSAICS and visit my incredible 25’ long mosaic wall and mosaic-wrapped house. I have evolved from painting walls for a living to creating mosaics on them. I tell detailed stories of life, myths and my fantasies through mosaics and other pieces I create. I work with tile, glass, found and discarded objects, and broken china that friends leave for me. Mosaics have become my passion and I love sharing them with others.
I am a self-taught artist, who has always been fascinated with mosaics and glass, and has found deep satisfaction in creating art with these materials. My wife Carol’s artwork has inspired me to pursue my own artistic passions. I have shown my work in various art shows throughout Florida. Our home is one of the many exciting artist studios on the annual Studio Waltz in Pinellas County Florida.

Carol and I enjoy taking ballroom dance classes and enjoy teaching mosaic and other art classes in our home studio.

For the past 17 years my goal, with Carol, has been to create a visual art environment at our house. Our vision has evolved and is always changing. Our focus is not on any one piece of art but on the total environment.
We invite you to visit us in our home and studio in delightful Dunedin, where our cats allow us to reside.  Come see our brightly colored home that is wrapped in mosaic and our new artwork.

Our work can also be seen at: